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Peering into the Canvas

Fox Kerry
2 min readJan 13


“Some Rescue”, artpiece by this writer via Foxbleedstudios

All art is a story.

Every creator is saying something.

But we don’t always get it at first. It’s embedded. The meaning or narrative is baked in — infused. Half of the fun at galleries is asking your friends which pictures speak to them and what are they saying.

Every so often … you meet a smart, informed docent. If you’re particularly blessed … you get to meet the artist. And if it’s really your lucky day … you meet a painter who can speak about their art.

I mean any of them can … or should be able to. Just like every person is a writer … if they’ll just learn how to talk on paper (or screen).

But some artists are timid souls. Even awkward. Really only wanting … the smearings and dabbings to complete the dotwork of narrative for its audience. And that’s okay. It’s actually natural for a sculptor of tale and form (or even poetry) to stand on its own legs. And that is ideal. But it’s not the only way. Sometimes it’s cool for the creative and the lover of art to have a conversation — to build a bridge. For even the viewer may sometimes bless the artisan with some meaning they picked up … in a piece … that author only halfway knew they put there.

I am one of those artists who wants to know how their work touches the world — even if it’s an argument. I actually like to argue too much.

So I’d be glad to share about my work. But forgive me … if I tell the tale again, poetically … my own way.

This piece, just created, I call “Some Rescue”. Built on images relating to mountain tops, wave crests, spotlights and obscurity … the narrative it embeds involves things that float, things that climb uphill, things that notice other things and do something about it.

Using a little verbal poetry … let me unravel more of the thoughts and eternal concepts that bled into (and hopefully out of) it.

Some Rescue

you go at night
because you don’t need the fanfare
which doesn’t mean you don’t want it
you kind of hope some body is watching

you travel up the hill
the hurricane gets in your eyes
you aren’t there … because you’re an athlete
you’re there because you see them
the ones who get lost
you’re there, in part, because you are them . . .

I hope that was fun for you. If I find an audience for this I’d love to do a lot more.



Fox Kerry

If you paint for me even one thing which is true, perhaps I’ll be tempted to consider two. I tell tales poetically, someone else needs to set them to music.