I love you Brother

In Poetry

Fox Kerry
3 min readMar 18


Pic of Artist for his brother Kory

With weepy eyes
and strong ones also
and bloodshot commitment to summit
in your beauty-flecked sprawls
while’st your strokes spliced the world
I have seen you break through
and have moment
with a heart made of honey
and stony things grabbing
and monkeylike gods on your back
you struggle as duckwork
to make it all happen
to pull it off smoothly
in tact
With your reason and conscience
and your love for hot dust
and the musical bends in your puddle
and your mind … cold with fire
lit up like split atoms
alive in the juices … for flow
you remember it slightly
to forget it with effort
and loose piles of nonsense downstream
unchained from the nuisance
the heavy … and the highway
you chase … with the lightest of touch
yet everything’s heavy
like morphine … and mountain
and all of it tastes like some metal
but you love … and you love … and you fight off the bitter
and you pour what you have … in a vessel
and you are who you are
and you’ve settled with that
with a flame in your face … and your teeth
your jaw it is set
to release … what you’re holding
to ride that pole down … to some peace
and I wish it for you
I wish it with clenching
for you are my memory’s friend
I recall your beauty
kissed your lips as a baby
took in all your hunt … for this world
you remind me of Micah
or perhaps he of you
you shoulder-grab the world with your winsome
you heat up the elements
to see where they go
and you kick all things fearful in the face
that’s also … why I love you
for that fight in your bosom
that refusal … to go down … with the flow
to defy all humanity
to lift up … what can bear
to say hello … to a new year … or thought
but I hurt when you hurt
and I hurt when you don’t
I ache for those powers … that don’t become you
I long for real peace … that a rainstorm to find you
could knock what must knock … on its ass
to refind … in your members
the hottest of lights
the ones that give fabrick to meaning
to bone … and to flesh … to sonship … and daughters
to everything ugly … transformed
but that’s taller than me
my own ship it goes doldrum
or sinking … or whatelse it be called
I know the heavy, know the distant, and the night bumps
and I know what it feels to be dizzy
but a small strength I have and with you share it gladly
since friendship, it is … such gloried beast
it shakes all its hair … in the lightning and storm
and throws dogs around in the wind
and it bends certain bars … that could banish…



Fox Kerry

If you paint for me even one thing which is true, perhaps I’ll be tempted to consider two. I tell tales poetically, someone else needs to set them to music.