homeward a digital artpiece by Author


Julius, after tennis the other morning, informed me that you recommended a brilliant student be dismissed this semester. Why in heaven’s name have you done it? You and I are nothing, if not believers in free thought, free expression, free Academy! …

Mirrorwork a digital artpiece by Author


Dear Robbin,

I hear what you have to say — and you have more to say than pretty much all of my first-year students put together. I am just a little confused. …

Kirkway a digital artpiece for sale by Author

The water can’t know what the girl won’t tell
even mirrors lie when the cloud in a woman clings tightly to its stone
rivers dance, and it’s not the same thing as laughter on knowledge
for precept is a thing, and your shovel ought to know
with mirth in her eyes, you would swear…

Rampart One digital art for sale by author

A sword has gone where a sword will go — and we have wept our rivers.
A lamb has walked on quiet treads, collecting a million slivers.
A beast has come across peninsulas — friends it carries in tow
the water of dreams has washed away: our fabric, our lies, and the snow

Rudijyana a digital artpiece for sale by author

They gathered on the noodle table, checked their eyes, and stayed a while
little there was barely stable, but atmospheres coagulate and breathe in all the wine and tile
the eyes they must be looked again, looked into, like lakes for seas
the dark beneath the wrinkled moon, the glitter of what’s polished…

That Hill digital artwork for sale by Author

He’s traveling backflows in age
is it exercise or brawn of heart?
the hat rides so many thoughts, prayered deep in to night
women and vices sail, out of his leather skin
vows and strange readings of, echo his chamber
knees with the flesh cut raw, thoughts with the eels escaped
snakes with the boot-be-down, and…

Window-Wash digital artpiece by Author

if you’ve never ridden the subway
how can you know how miserable the train-dwellers
light comes out of that tunnel, at speeds so fast …
you won’t know what bumped you
time comes when the shape of an island, so heavy with people towns
it rivets the lightrails that hold it in place
flashes of jimmerwab…

My Greatest a digital artpiece for sale by author

Sir Tyler a digital artpiece, for sale by author

The man at the stop light he’s a fool; he’s a fool
I’ve seen him at the watchman’s shop, he’s a fool, no doubting Thomas
He tells the world on flowers, on bicycles and dirt
There’s nothing he won’t tell them, if they listen
For he’s the sort of god who who sprinkles dizzy…

Rotten Dams digital artpiece for sale by Author

How many times can a throat gulp itself? Twenty time paintings divided by earwax? Who puts the layers in your cup of dessert? Who counts the calories until heart bleats? Who calls the goat kids to come by your stable, who whispers dragons while you’re sleeping? These are the answers…

Fox Kerry

If you paint for me even one thing which is true, perhaps I’ll be tempted to consider two. I tell tales poetically, someone else needs to set them to music.

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