homeward a digital artpiece by Author


Julius, after tennis the other morning, informed me that you recommended a brilliant student be dismissed this semester. Why in heaven’s name have you done it? You and I are nothing, if not believers in free thought, free expression, free Academy! …

Mirrorwork a digital artpiece by Author


Dear Robbin,

I hear what you have to say — and you have more to say than pretty much all of my first-year students put together. I am just a little confused. …

Spectacle Lake digital Art by Author

His eyes were puddles of swamp power with the switch turned on
His fists were small like rocket mice, with something to prove in the corridors
His back was bronze and his words like teeth, they cut so deep to the night and its jugular
His eyes they were black and no one…

Una Fraid digital Artwork Hypercollaged by Yours Truly

I started with a model leaning against a door. She reminded me of someone I knew. Someone who was brave — no, very brave!

I mirrored her around in the image, until just her stare is perceived in a part of it. Almost like she is a ghost, watching her…

Bitta Root digital art by author

The cave is full of glass — and what did you expect. The bride didn’t make it on time, and the water was heavy, as more than usual.
Two elephants moved out before the janitor had anything to do with it. The bars were greasy, and the monkeys smelled like potatoes.

Carrion Place a digital artpiece I’ll sell you if you ask (my creation)

He stared at the woman, who had pushed him out her legs
Older now, but still beautiful, he didn’t curse her, but questioned
Why did you favorite, not me, but the others?
Why did you live for the mercies in your own head?
What of our dreams, of our atlases, our purpose?
Did it…

Cannilades a digital artpiece I created yesterday

I explained yesterday how I got excited about the NFT space — a venue where Visual Technicians could sell their work easily and to the whole universe without being mugged. …

Fox Kerry

If you paint for me even one thing which is true, perhaps I’ll be tempted to consider two. I tell tales poetically, someone else needs to set them to music.

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