6 days ago

of Pain and Caterpillar

“Embed of Bloom”, artpiece by this writer — NoGPTCHAT engines involved

The weeping table
-like every infinity pool-
recalls the names
of each …
who’ve eaten its bread

to rise above … ambulating furniture …

we also must notice
when souls meet … their iron & boundary …
where invisible guardians say “no wave shall pass”
and like paleo-brides of…



And half of the Jazz

42 Surfers , artwork by this writer

when one carries ancient planks of wood
one often holds the future
when children stop from play to look
they prove they’re really children
when the tiniest things make the biggest splash
then men learn to rule the waves
yet none of this stops a single storm
though few ever bow their heads
for the deadest seas ……



Fox Kerry

If you paint for me even one thing which is true, perhaps I’ll be tempted to consider two. I tell tales poetically, someone else needs to set them to music.